Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A few photos from last night's book launch party...

So, if you were at the book launch party last night for 
Nothing Man and The Purple Zero 
at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, 
you were treated to a terrific "live reading" 
from a fantastic group of actors!

If you couldn't make it for one reason or another 
(ie. you live in Korea, your car was impounded, 
you had Breaking Bad episodes to catch up on...), 
here's what you missed:

 Me reading from the book's prologue, "Greatness Thrust Upon Them."

 Darcy McMann as "The Purple Zero"!!!  
Sidonie Wybourne as "Observer X"!!!
(and, um, me as "Nothing Man".)

Meryl Howsam as "The Narrator"!!!  
Maarika Pinkney as "The Gas 'n' Snak Clerk"!!!  
Allison Hossack as "Mizz Prosperity"!!!

 The Historic Gas 'n' Snak Showdown!!!

Me with former writing students Junie Ang, Kristi Ivan, Kelly Toye, and Alex Mantella.
I will be attending their book launches soon.

If you made it out to last night's event, 


I am overwhelmed with happiness by the number of 
friends, students and colleagues 
who showed up to make this party a great one! 
You are all the best!

And, you know, if you were catching up on Breaking Bad
you can always come out to my next book launch for 

Six Weeks 

October 22, 6:30 PM, C'est What, Toronto!