Friday, October 5, 2012

Three more former students get PUBLISHED - Two short stories and a NOVEL!!!!

A few more success stories from former students from my 
Creative Writing courses:

June Rogers’ short story “Sequins” was published in the UK webzine Alfie Dog.   

(She developed the story in my class, “Writing Short Stories 1” at George Brown College.)

An excerpt from a longer story by Susan McCrae, "The Smoke Under the Floorboards", was  published in Scribes Digest.  

(Susan developed this story in the same class that June was in, noted above.)

AND (drumroll, please!). . . 

Hats off to URVE TAMBURG 

(a student from my course “Writing for Young Adults” at Humber College), 

who just released her FIRST NOVEL,   


You can find out more about the book at, and


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