Monday, December 20, 2010

Yet another great review of The Monkeyface Chronicles - this time in WHAT IF? Magazine!

I just read 15-year-old Priya Raina's review of The Monkeyface Chronicles in What If? Magazine. It is as balanced, comprehensive, and well-written as any of the "adult" reviews I've seen so far.

Here is a clip:

Richard Scarbrook creates a frighteningly honest world where bullying and misfortune follow the protagonist throughout his life. . . I recommend The Monkeyface Chronicles to teens that enjoy interesting plot twists and coming-of-age stories. Scarbrook has constructed a small town where hate, love, and determination build Philip’s character and transform his outlook on the world."
You can read the whole review HERE.

What If? is a Canadian magazine written, designed and edited by teens. I HIGHLY recommend it.