Thursday, October 6, 2016

At BookFest Windsor, November 5, 2016!

Hey, friends from my Essex County/Windsor homeland!
I’ll be participating in two events at BookFest Windsor on Saturday, November 5!

(Find out more about BookFest HERE -
Here’s where I’ll be:
- 10 to 11:30 AM, Art Gallery Windsor, 2nd Floor

 I’ll be running one of my popular Creative Writing Workshops! Come and unleash your muse!
 Get your tickets HERE!

- 1 to 2 PM, Art Gallery Windsor, The Valiant Suite (which sounds so noble!)

 I’ll be participating in the Fiction Event Gentle Habits, Gravity, And Circuses – it’s sure to be interesting and entertaining!

And let’s catch up at the book signing right after this event! (And you can get a signed copy of my eighth book, ROCKETS VERSUS GRAVITY, while you’re there.)

Get your tickets HERE!

See you on November 5!