Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stand up for Democracy! Stand up for the Toronto Public Library!

A literate population is essential to any true democracy.

Free public access to information, ideas, and culture, regardless of social or economic standing, helps ensure a literate population.

Eliminating libraries, or making them accessible only to those who can afford them, is a blow against true democracy.

The cost cutting agenda of Toronto City Council could target the Toronto Public Library within weeks.

Local branches could be closed, and some or all of the Library’s operations could be privatized.

Read more about it HERE, at EXAMINER.COM, where the threat to child and teen literacy is explored.

Then, add your voice to the over 20,000 who have signed the petition to protect the Toronto Public Library HERE, at OURPUBLICLIBRARY.TO!

Support democracy - stand up for your local public library!

. . . and, to show to show how serious I am about this, here is a recap of the little speech I gave at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre in May 2011, just before being awarded the 2011 White Pine Award for The Monkeyface Chronicles:

I mean it even more now.