Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Richard Scarsbrook EDITING SERVICE!!!!!

So you want to be a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

You've got a great idea for a short story or novel.

You've written the first draft.

Now what?

What will you need to do to make the manuscript good enough to publish?


Several emerging writers with whom I have worked have seen their first publications in the past few months. Could you be the next?

Check out www.richardscarsbrook.com/editing.html for more details


Email me at cheeseburgersubversive(at)hotmail(dot)com to explore the options!


"Richard Scarsbrook edited two of my books, and I couldn't be happier with the results.
Richard hunts for the best part of your manuscript and finds it, then he helps you get rid of the redundant and unnecessary parts
that might be dragging the story down.
When you are finished working together, you'll have a leaner and better story than when you brought it to him."

- Dan Murphy, Author of The Adventures of the Dispatch Rider
(Edited by Richard Scarsbrook).


"Through Richard's detailed revisions, I am able to identify what aspects of my writing need improvement.
He has a very dynamic, clear, and concise way of explaining why certain techniques work, and why others do not.
He is very approachable, and critiques in a way that is always constructive.
I highly recommend having Richard edit your writing, as his advice led to the publication of my first short story, "I Bet She's Right"."

- Crystal Bourque, Author of "I Bet She's Right",
publication forthcoming in Lies With Occasional Truth, 2009.


"Richard's keen observations, expertise and efficient style of editing have been invaluable to me.
He nurtured my abilities and gave me the confidence to begin submitting my stories soon after. My published stories "Men and the Drink" and "Summer Sublet" were both workshopped with Richard.
I continue to look to him for writing advice and highly recommend his editing service."

- Julie McArthur, Author of "Men and the Drink", Black Bile Press, November 2009
"20 Grit", Front & Centre, November 2009
"Summer Sublet", Other Voices, November 2008


"He is obviously an expert author. Everyone's work improves greatly under his teaching."
"Richard is very quick at providing tangible/useful/insightful input. . . He has a genuine passion. . ."
"He provided great examples to support all of his suggestions. I loved his energy. One of the best I have had in a while."
"He was extremely helpful and knowledgable. . . Also a very nice guy."
"How efficient and experienced he is at evaluating fiction."

- Professor Evaluation Comments from students of Richard Scarsbrook's course, "Creating Short Stories 1" at George Brown College, Toronto, 2009.

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"The first story I had published, "Red Rubber Balls", was workshopped with Richard.
He has a great ability to make meaningful insights into your work even after one reading.
He'll point out some of the common mistakes you are making and will quickly pick up on what your style and tendencies are as well.
I anticipate continuing to look for Richard's assistance going forward."

Brad Weber, Author of "Red Rubber Balls",
published in The Dalhousie Review, 2009